Röthbauer GmbH

Röthbauer GmbH - With its qualified team of professionals and an advanced focus on all emerging sectors connected with CAD standardization and software management technology, our design team is a leading partner, rooted in a strong tradition and firmly planted on the future of production and design. 

Engineering & Design

Advance development of construction drawings to increase design productivity utilizing CAD technologies. The integration between Engineering and Design, with the simultaneous exchange of information and data, allows the optimization of the development cost and time.

As soon as the conceptual design has been completed, a team of engineers & designers carry out verification's to identify the technical feasibility with the design targets.

Experience and Values

Röthbauer GmbH vaunts a toolbox of methods and approaches to transform the most complex of projects into triumphant products. It’s wide-ranging, transversal know-how comes from years of experience working with companies in the most diverse fields and sectors.